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About Psybient Music and Some Tips For Making It
By Ryan C Murphy

Visionary Art by DJ Story

Psybient is about creating a sonic journey. The goal of psybient is to create a sound scape that can be enjoyed over a long period of time. Pink Floyd’s ‘shine on you crazy diamond’ is a perfect example of the

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Beat-Matching Tutorial by DJ Story

DJ Beat-Matching Tutorial

What is Beat-matching? It is the art of mixing two musical compositions together seamlessly by speeding up or slowing down one of the songs to align their rhythms. Basically, you need to be able to hear whether the beat you

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DJing With Records Vs. CDs
By Jim Tonkins

Many people who are aspiring DJs are making the difficult decision of whether to use vinyl records on a turntable or to DJ with CDs on a CDJ-type CD players. Both approaches have their strengths and weaknesses. Most good clubs

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