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Ableton Live + Propellerhead Reason Rewire Tutorial

Live + Reason Rewire Tutorial

How to route your sounds and devices from Propellerhead Reason to Ableton Live using the built-in rewire feature. There are 2 methods covered in this video for bringing sound from Reason into Live. The technique you use is up to you and your music production style.

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Ableton Tutorial – Rhythmic Gated Patterns

In this tutorial I share a technique for turning any texture, pad, or soundscape into a tight rhythmic stuttering pattern. It’s accomplished using sidechain options of the gate effect in Ableton Live. This type of effect is something you hear in a lot of psy dub, psy trance, and psybient music. You hear it used in many songs by artists like Shpongle…

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Intuitive Beats Goes Social Network

Music Production Discussion Forums

We are pleased to announce the new update to which has converted it into a social network with profiles, groups, and forums.  Become a member, and you can add a link to your website, a profile picture, and a

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