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TouchOSC, Pure Data, & Ableton Live

Pure Data Example

I just got this great midi controller application for my ipod touch called TouchOSC. It’s a $5 app with a lot of bang for the buck. It was a bit of a learning curve to get started, although I did manage to create my own custom controller layout using the

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D:ream Remix


DJ Story here. Check out this remix I worked on with Paul Gotel for the band D:ream. It made it into itunes store. You can only hear about 30 seconds though without paying. It’s for their single titled “All Things to All Men.” I like the song a lot.

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How I Repaired the Slider On My Korg

Korg Slider Fell Off

As you may know, I have a Korg microKONTROL. The other night I was practicing my live electronic skills when all of a sudden my slider came off in my fingers… I contracted Korg support, and they said the piece that holds it in was broken, and

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Intuitive Members


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