Ableton Live: Morphing Arpeggio Tutorial

Velocity Crossfaded Arpeggio in Ableton Live

Here’s my latest Ableton Live tutorial where I explain some interesting ways to create morphing arpeggio effects using instrument racks, effect racks, velocity sensitivity, and a little creativity. As an example I made an arp that fades from

Ableton Live Instant Mappings for Korg microKONTROL

Scene 03 Effect Sends

I’ve spent many hours discovering how to instant map my Korg microKONTROL to Ableton Live using the UserConfiguration.txt file, MidiPipe(optional), and the Librarian software that comes with the microKONTROL. I have successfully mapped the

Controlling Modul8 with Ableton Live VJ Tutorial

In this tutorial I show how to send midi signal from Ableton Live to Modul8 on the Mac via the IAC Driver.  This is a great way to create cross-fades between random scenes of videos or images loaded into Modul8.  You can also control any other perimeter from Ableton Live that you would from any […]