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Ableton Live: Morphing Arpeggio Tutorial

Velocity Crossfaded Arpeggio in Ableton Live

Here’s my latest Ableton Live tutorial where I explain some interesting ways to create morphing arpeggio effects using instrument racks, effect racks, velocity sensitivity, and a little creativity. As an example I made an arp that fades from

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How to Get on American Idol
By Fred Olson

Step 1: Be committed Be committed. The process you’ll need to go through is not easy, and it certainly isn’t for the squeamish. Step 2: Go online Step 3: Download the release Download the release form from the web

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Dubstep Music Mastering – Part 6
By Simmon Power

In this final part of our mini guide I am going to give you a real world set up you can use on your dubstep track. Applying these processes will give you a much louder master, ready to send out

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