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Not by Happenstance – Harmonic Resonance

Is there hope for healthy harmonious harmonic oscillation happening happily not by happenstance? All of matter (and therefore energy) can be expressed in either waves or particles. However, when speaking in terms of waves, we can plot the motion, potential/kinetic

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The Law of Attraction, Using Sound and the Magic of 432hz

As many of you will know vibrations are the very core of The Law of Attraction and indeed are fundamental to how the universe operates, so it will come as little surprise to many that sound is an amazingly powerful tool when desiring to work with the energies of the universe.

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Psytrance Sound Design Using Ableton

Hieroglyphs from the tomb of Seti I

by DJ Story This tutorial is for learning some basic sound design theory to get you started making custom psytrance sounds from scratch.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to just dive in and start getting your hands

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