Dubstep Music Mastering – Part 6
By Simmon Power

In this final part of our mini guide I am going to give you a real world set up you can use on your dubstep track. Applying these processes will give you a much louder master, ready to send out to labels and distributors. Real world master process: Start with an EQ, remove the subsonic […]

Hot Tip for Making Progressive/Electro House

One of the secrets of progressive house is to use a sidechain compressor. What you do is put it on a dirty bass track or whatever else you want to create a ducking effect whenever the kick drum hits. Basically, the way this is done is to put a copy of your kick drum on […]

Controlling the Compressor in Music Production
By L D Porter

There are many different types of compressors that can be used for music production. Each hardware or software version implements 4 fundamental controls that can help you shape the sound. These are: Threshold Attack Release Ratio Threshold Set in decibels, the Threshold controls when a compressor should be activated. As soon as part of the […]