Where Do DJs Find New Dance Music?
By Gordon McNevin

I often get asked “where do you get your music from?” while I’m DJing, and in this article I’ll tell you! Be it the next big indie track, a fresh and banging Electro House tune or just something nice, I’ll show you where to keep in the loop for the new and happening music.

Let’s get started!

BBC Radio 1 playlist. At BBC Radio 1 they keep a playlist of what’s hot at the moment. They split this list up into sections with their “A list” being the most popular songs at the given point in time. The “B list” and “C list” are songs becoming more popular and it’s very common for these to move up to the “A list” as weeks progress. Simply search for “Radio1 playlist”.

Online music stores. Dance music stores such as Beatport, DJDownload, TrackItDown, Traxsource, CDPool etc keep regularly update charts of what is the most purchased on the site and most purchased in a particular genre. This can be a great way to listen and easily buy new and upcoming music. Keep these sites close as they”ll keep your music fresh! It’s worth mentioning CDPool as these release dance (and other genres) music promos every month that you can subscribe to and listen to previews online.

Dance music forums. Most often you’ll find great members on music forums letting you know about the hottest new music to hit the world. They’ll happily post links and reviews of the new tracks for your listening pleasure! Keep a list of the favourite ones you find and quickly revisit them once a week.

YouTube. Subscribe to certain labels/record companies and they’ll post their new music within days of being completed to get the buzz created! I often learn about new tracks, search YouTube for them and find they’ve been added months ago with over 100,000 views and ratings!

LastFM. This is a great community of music lovers and record producers/labels which works really well for new and upcoming music. You can listen to songs, see what’s most popular and see what’s got hype at the moment!

There you have it! I hope you’ve found this article useful and find all the new music you could ever need!

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