Production Services

DJ StoryDJ Story offers a wide range of skills in multimedia production. He has helped many over the years to get there ideas down, and even created many songs used in movies and live performances. Here a some of the ways in which DJ Story serves humanity:

Music Production

Whether you need a whole album or just a song, I can help you get your vision down on recording in my portable studio. I have collaborated with many artists over the years such as Sasha Rose, Luna Moth, Sirus B, Sam David, Dr. Do Right, Malcolm Dorje, Jonathan Arthur, Nina Ranjalita, Love, Onyay, Alicia Lions, Karren Elizabeth, DJ Profeta, B-Wise, Heidi D, Dominion and more… I’ve just about every kind of genre you can think of such as Pop, Classical, Country, Hip Hop, Rock, Oldies, Acoustic, Indian Chants, Reggae, Dub, Techno, House, Trance, Ambient, or whatever sound you’re looking for. I was recently hired to record an ambient meditation cd called “Whale Trance” for my friends on Maui. More recently I’ve been here in Asheville getting paid to record Hip Hop vocals of some of the local artists.

Music Licensing

I have a huge library of original musical compositions (primarily instrumental) which I am offering. I have licensed my music to be used in several independent movies, and there are a number of artists who use music I’ve worked on in their live performances. I also am willing to license beats to be used by rappers or songwriters. If you would like to get a license to use my music for something you’re doing, get in touch.

Web Design

Do need a gallery to display your visionary art? I am also an avid web designer, so if you need a website that gets lots of search engine traffic, or a cool custom wordpress site like this one for all your articles, news and updates, check out my web design portfolio.

Flash Development

Do you need a really nifty flash slideshow? How about some animation? Maybe you need a widget like a custom music player for your site, or a video player. Or, perhaps you want an entire website built in Flash. I can help you with all your flash development needs.

Photoshop Graphics

I have lots of experience making graphics in Photoshop used professionally for book covers, business cards, logos, banners, web graphics, flyers, album art, and other promotional materials. I do photo touch-ups, and I can even turn you into a mythical creature like a mermaid or a butterfly. Whatever your graphic design needs may be, I can help.

Video Editing

I helped to edit the promotional video for the Mystic Garden Party Festival. I have also taken classes with final cut pro, and I have some more video projects on the way. If you need help editing your video for a short film. I’ve got you covered.

Get in touch if you would like to hire me for any of your production or promotional needs.

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