DJ Story Interview with Badashi on Between Two Worlds

Badashi: How long did it take you to record the Stages of Life album?

DJ Story: About a month.

Badashi: So you did all the technical work?

DJ Story: Yes I did.

Badashi: See that blows me away! So you had a lot of fun recording it?

DJ Story: Definitely my friend Dr. Do Right is on there with me. I was staying at his house, and we had other guests on Love and Light.

Badashi: Wait… you know Love?

DJ Story: Yeah Love yeah…

Badashi: And you know Light?

DJ Story: Yeah Light…

Badashi: Dude you’re down with Love and Light?

DJ Story: Oh, I’m down with Love and Light.

Badashi: See, that’s the thing when you make an album and you invite love and light on the album dude, there’s no way it’s going to be a bad album.

DJ Story: Oh yeah.

Badashi: It just Can’t be

DJ Story: Oh Love’s a great singer, and Light’s a great didgeridoo and flute player, and so that was a great combo, and then we had Sasha Butterfly come on, and she’s another great singer.

Alicia: A bunch of blessed out puppies…


Badashi: I literally feel like I’m sitting on the beach on Kauai. Was it just really sunny when you guys made this? Be honest…

DJ Story: Definitely. Most of the CD at least I think.

Badashi: Did you guys eat anything or drink any shamanistic teas or anything while making the album?

DJ Story: No…

Badashi: Good, cause I don’t condone the use of those substances.


Badashi: So why did you choose the name DJ Story?

DJ Story: Cause music for me is the only way to really convey the story I’m trying to express.

Badashi: Yeah, that’s a good point. I can’t argue with that.

Badashi: So when did you get into the real like electronic sound?

DJ Story: Well I took a DJ class and it was a scratching class in New Mexico so I was doing the hip hop scratching for a while. Then I got into mixing house beats, because the teachers were into house music too. Now I’m really into the all different types of electronic fusion.

DJ Story: I was also in a marimba band for four or five years playing traditional music from Zimbabwe.

Badashi: Really? Wow that’s intense!

DJ Story: Yeah there were 7 marimbas. a bass, a baritone, two tenors and three sopranos.

Badashi: What’s a marimba?

DJ Story: It’s like a xylophone except it has wooden keys.

Badashi: So there’s 7 players?

DJ Story: Yes

Badashi: What would you even do with that many people?

DJ Story: We would all have these interlocking parts that went together creating an incredibly rich sound. So that was fun.

DJ Story: I’ve been recording for about 7 years now all pretty much self taught. Well, a few people have told me a little bit here and there, but I’ve never really worked with anybody that knows the technical ins and outs of the studio.

Badashi: Well you know what, that reminds me, I don’t know anything that I’m doing when I come in to the studio. I walk in and look around and go, “Oh hey, I guess I’m here.”, and start pushing buttons and all these alarms start going off…


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