Psytrance Ableton Skin

I’ve been digging the green and purple shades together. Download my Psytrance Skin for Ableton, and psypimp your musical workflow.  It’s easy to install and enable in the preferences.

Step 1: Download the Skin


Step 2: Unzip the .ask file

Step 3: How to Install Skin

Mac users:

Right click (or ctrl+click) on the Ableton Live app and choose Show Package Contents.

Navigate to the Skins folder and put the Psytrance.ask file in there.  The skins folder is located in the following place:


PC users:

Put the Psytrance.ask file in the following directory:

Program Files/Ableton/Resources/Skins

Step 4: Enable the Skin in Ableton

Go to the Ableton Preferences, and select the skin from the dropdown menu in the colors section.  Enjoy! 🙂

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