The Law of Attraction, Using Sound and the Magic of 432hz

By Mark William Foster

As many of you will know vibrations are the very core of The Law of Attraction and indeed are fundamental to how the universe operates, so it will come as little surprise to many that sound is an amazingly powerful tool when desiring to work with the energies of the universe.

Sound throughout the ages has been recognized as a powerful healing modality, spiritual journeying or enlightenment tool and as key component in the manifestation process. It is even stated that “In the beginning was the word”.

The men and ladies in white coats (quantum scientists) are now telling us exactly the same from their point of view. That the interaction of sound vibrations and matter creation are not separate.

The science of Cymantics is a fascinating branch dealing with sound vibration, coherence and patterning.

It’s worth ‘Googling’ them (having a look on the internet for the non techies).

If we look at the actual word UNI- VERSE what is it saying to us? I like the analogy of ONE – SONG….. THE song of creation perhaps…

When we look at how sound affects physical matter it is not hard to see the connection, even without knowing the science behind it. An opera singer can break glass by holding a certain note, the note vibrates the glass molecules giving them extra energy until the bonds that hold it all together are overcome and it shatters into a thousand pieces.

Sound has the ability to introduce energy, to raise vibrations and the underlying cause of illness is always a disharmonious energy pattern.

The work of Dr Masaru Emoto is another outstanding example of how sound, thought and intention is transmitted into water, transforming it.

Dr Emoto shows us that water exposed to words / thoughts of love (or hate) actually changes the physical pattern of the water crystals, with water that has been prayed upon or blessed showing an absolutely beautiful crystal pattern and the water that has been shouted at or bad thoughts directed at it is unorganized and display fragmented, distorted and almost shapeless forms.

As our bodies are made up of about 80% water it makes good sense to consider his work and the impact of sound in general as a vibration source very carefully.

Now lets look at little at 432 hz, I think you will be stunned. The implications of this are massive and too much to go into fully here, but I just wanted to give you the ‘heads up’ about it, enjoy.

Quantum physicists are now telling us that the underlying frequency of creation is 432hz around which all the other frequencies are organized in nature. The Ancients Egyptian and other advanced cultures had sacred instruments tuned to guess what… 432 hz… No accidents hey!

So why is it so important now ?

Way back in 1939 Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels dictated that 440Hz was to be the standard tuning pitch for the note A instead of it natural 432hz and that all music / musical instruments should be tuned based on A= 440 hz.

This was finally accepted, yet not without some considerable resistance in the form of a referendum that was signed by 23,000 French musicians. The impact of moving the tuning 8hz is immense. To keep it simple it only allows people to access a fraction of the power of naturally harmonic music based on the universal frequency of 432hz. It restricts peoples thinking and feeling in a certain manner, and keeps them effectively a prisoner of a certain consciousness.

Ask yourself are you vibrating your inner universal song or are you resonating with external 440hz based frequencies ?

Now you know… and if you want to access more of the beautiful universe then listen to music based on 432hz it will heal you from the inside out and so much more. There are a few examples OF 432hz music popping up around the internet, a guy called Brian Collins Has produced an awesome CD, Bobby Lavigne is another you can sample online and I’m sure more will surface to help us as the vibration of the planet continues to rise.

If you are musician / sound technician or if you knows someone who shares your interest in this subject, I’d love to meet up and explore the magical possibilities, just contact me.

From the basic OHM Sound of creation to the complex harmonics that can created powerfully in places built based on sacred geometry.

Can you see the connections ? Sacred sound, Sacred Geometry, the patterns of the universe are everywhere, except where misguided man has stepped in and created disharmonious places, equipment, sound, energies etc. funny that isn’t it? Now we are re learning what we use to know, by literally being in harmony with the universe we can achieve things considered impossible by conventional limited thought.

If you want to boost your connection with the source of all manifestations then look into and use sound as a portal to create your reality.

The article editor Mark W Foster is a UK based Law of Attraction Speaker and Personal Growth Coach with an keen interest in science, and spirituality. If you wish to discover more about this fascinating topic then pop over and visit his site where you can pick up a free e-book and browse lots more information on the The Law of Attraction, Quantum Manifesting, Science and Spirituality as well as accessing excellent supporting products & resources to help you on your journey.

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