How To Make Your Own Hip Hop Beats In 5 Simple Steps

by Kim M. Rush

Beat maker software has been one of the many successes in the modern technology. Why? Because it has answered the call of many music lovers who wants to create their own music on a computer. Before, it was really hard to produce your own music. You can’t even do it yourself without proper training. And these machines are huge with complicated controls. So when the software was created, everyone was full of joy. To make your own hit hop beats is very easy. It only involves 5 steps to complete a high quality music. Here are the steps to guide you: 1. First thing you should do is to select a reliable hip hop beat maker software. To determine which among the many brands is the best, check on reviews and forums People participating in these sites will tell you their real experience with the software they’ve purchased. And when we talk about reliable software, the best example is Sonic Producer. This software has gained good feedback from many users as they have proven its quality when it comes to music production. Read more: How To Make Your Own Hip Hop Beats In 5 Simple Steps | Free Niche Business Articles For Internet Marketing

2. Decide what beats to make with a hip hop beat maker software. Listening to raps and hip hop songs from your favorite rap stars would help. Download one example into the hip hop beat maker library and start to make your own beats applying different blends of your choice. Then you can work your way from there.

3. Do some experiments. From the selection of beats you’ve chosen from previous step, you can then be creative in experimenting to make your own beats fast following a pattern. Start with basic beat structure, then add some high hat and other elements.

4. You can apply other elements like horn and vocal samples in the beat, then follow it with some layering to beef up the sound. This would depend though on the type of hip hop beat maker that you have if features are available to accomplish the steps.

5. The last part is the most exciting part and that’s recording your created hip hop music. Depending on your software, you can convert it into MP3 format. Sonic Producer can do this for you.

Experience for yourself how Sonic Producer help you produce music in a flash by going to Sonic Producer Beat Making and enjoy its many features.

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