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Psytrance Ableton Skin

I’ve been digging the green and purple shades together. Download my Psytrance Skin for Ableton, and psypimp your musical workflow. It’s easy to install and enable in the preferences.

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Eye Candy + Techno Set @ Dreamtide, The Landing 12.22.12

Eye Candy + Techno / Progressive Psy set by DJ Story @ Dreamtide, The Landing, Asheville, NC. Includes footage from Burning Man 2006, stock movies, art by Adam Psybe, and original psychedelic visuals and animation filmed and produced by DJ

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Ableton Tutorial – Rhythmic Gated Patterns

In this tutorial I share a technique for turning any texture, pad, or soundscape into a tight rhythmic stuttering pattern. It’s accomplished using sidechain options of the gate effect in Ableton Live. This type of effect is something you hear in a lot of psy dub, psy trance, and psybient music. You hear it used in many songs by artists like Shpongle…

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