World Music Sample Pack (Premium Edition) Vol. 1

World Music Sample Pack (Premium Edition) Vol 1

Pro Samples proudly presents this comprehensive World Music sample collection offered by Antandra.

It contains a wide variety of single-notes, articulations and phrases that can be arranged in endless rhythms and melodies.

There are 28 beautifully recorded instruments from Africa, Australia, Asia, the Middle East, South America and Europe to bring your music to life.

There are also atmospheric layers and dynamic drum hits and loops that give beats flavor and depth.

If you enjoy world music, and you want to incorporate rare instruments and organic sounds into your music, it is not to be missed.

The Premium World Music Sample Pack Vol. 01 (OUT NOW!)

Over 1000 high quality wavs or aifs, including:

26 Baoding Ball Samples
28 Bouzouki Samples
17 Cretian Lyra Samples
29 Didgeridoo Samples
26 Djembe Samples, 19 Loops & Djembe Drum Rack
15 Doumbek Samples & 9 Loops
100 Drum Hit Samples
114 Flute Samples
100 Guitar Samples
11 Hapi Drum Samples
74 Harmonica Samples
3 Harmonium Samples
21 Hosho Samples & 5 Loops
24 Jaw Harp Samples & 4 Loops
5 Kalimba Samples & 6 Loops
45 Marimba Samples & Multi-Sampled Marimba Instrument
44 Mbira Samples
10 Nepalese Chimes Samples & 2 Loops
29 Rainstick Samples
11 Recorder Samples & Recorder Instrument Rack
16 Saxophone Samples
27 Shaker Samples & 6 Loops
70 Sitar Samples
60 Tabla Samples
6 Tuning Fork Samples
14 Udu Samples
4 Chanting Samples
31 Zither Samples

All sounds contained in the pack were recorded by Jacob Louis aka Antandra using a Baby Bottle Condenser Mic by Blue, recorded using an Audio-Technica ATR 2100 Dynamic Mic, or were sampled from public domain audio resources.

A couple of the instruments have drum rack patches for Ableton included which are multi-sample instruments. Meaning various velocities will trigger different corresponding samples. The Marimba is the main instrument with multi-sampled functionality.

Purchasers are licensed to use the samples royalty free to use in your own productions.

Purchase the Premium World Music Sample Pack Vol. 01 from Pro Samples for only $24.99! Use promo code “LAUNCH2016” for 10% OFF until July 1st, 2016.

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Antandra is the moniker of music producer and performer, Jacob Louis. His sound can best be described as bass infused rhythms with suspenseful atmospherics and etheric melodies. He has releases featured on Jumpsuit Records, LostinSound, Mycelium Music and Pure Perception Records, and has performed his original music at Kinnection Campout, CoSM, Burning Man, Unitus, T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Equinox and many more! He has shared the stage with numerous world class artists including the likes of Desert Dwellers, Sixis, Ott, Kalya Scintilla, AtYyA and Globular.
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