Korg nanoPAD2 Midi Controller Demo/Review

Korg nanoPAD2 midi controller

Made a new video overview of the Korg nanoPAD2. Korg nanoPAD2 is a midi controller featuring touch scale, midi gated arp, and an xy pad. You can change between three different modes, and each one lends itself to a whole slew of sound design, music production, live performance and controllerism possibilities. Korg nanoPAD2 is a […]

Ableton Live + TouchOSC + Live Control

Live Control Launch View

I recently found Live Control which is an open source template for TouchOSC that incorporates user midi remote scripts just like the APC40.  It’s a really phenomenal tool, because it basically allows you to turn your iPad into an APC40.  At least the python script was written to interact with Ableton Live in much the […]