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Mirror Me (Zenon Rec.) Interview

Mirror Me (Zenon Rec.)

DJ Story: Great Music! Are you using Ableton?

Mirror Me (Zenon Rec.): Yep. All Ableton. Synthesizing, sampling and resampling. A minimalist approach.

DJ Story: Any plugins?

Mirror Me (Zenon Rec.): Oh yah. FM8, Sylenth, and Massive.

DJ Story: What did you use for the bass?

Mirror Me (Zenon Rec.): Sylenth or UltraBass MX

DJ Story: What about that vocal stutter? Great production. I love the use of panning.

Mirror Me (Zenon Rec.): Yeah. It’s a combo. ;p It’s a vocal sample on top of a grained version of the vocal sample delaying, pitching and slowing down the delay as it goes.

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Nataraj Interview on Asheville FM

Nataraj Music

Today was a great day for Nataraj band. Trey and I got to go onto Asheville FM community radio to talk about our band. We mentioned that we will be playing a show this Sunday at LAFF (The Lexington Ave Arts and Fun Festival) from 6-8. It’s going to

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Infected Mushroom Interview Reveals Production Tips and Tricks
By Sarit Bruno

Innovators, geek tricksters, obsessive-perfectionists, un-serious, electronic-rock geniuses? Time will tell, yet The Legend of the Black Shawarma, Infected Mushroom’s 7th album release will certainly grab the chair from underneath you and leave you thinking- I’m not sure what was this

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