About Psybient Music and Some Tips For Making It
By Ryan C Murphy

Psybient is about creating a sonic journey. The goal of psybient is to create a sound scape that can be enjoyed over a long period of time. Pink Floyd’s ‘shine on you crazy diamond’ is a perfect example of the mentality behind Psybient. As is Animals.

Another album is Fates Warning’s ‘a pleasant shade of gray’. This album; if you’ve never heard it, is one song divided into 12 parts. This illustrates the mentality you need to create Psybient. Separate pieces of a whole, joining together to create a continuous sound scape, while still being individual songs.

While the sounds of psybient are vast in scope because it uses influences from many places. Including trance, new age, and even glitch. The emphasis is creating an atmospheric experience; like all ambient music, for an extended peiod of time, while still exploring different tempos, sounds and feels. The idea is to create songs that flow into each other, while still being separate.

Try finding a single good melody, and use that in a variety of forms as a joining factor for the pieces. Alternatively you can use a single repeating sound, or melody to Bring them all together.

I have used a running water sound, with a succession of freestyle Keyboard melodies. The result is over twenty minutes of music, all tied together by similar backing noise (the water) and style of playing.

Another trick Ive used is to simply use one element to tie the end of one track into another. I have used that trick on some of my rave tracks, but the concept is the same.

Pick an element you like, preferably part of the beat and continue it from one track into the next. You can then develop the track, and go anywhere you like with it. Then just pick another element that ends that track and pick up on it in the next.

My name is Ryan and My love in life is music. Listening to it, making it and exploring it. Music really is my drive in life.

I create acidhedz.com to help people learn to make their own music, and to showcase my own. I would like to share my love of music and the joy that come with creating your own, with everyone. Over time the site has expanded to include resources for bands looking to promote their music. [http://acidhedz.com/wordpress/new-acidhedz-posts]

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