New remix compilation album out now! Featuring remixes by Wolf Tech, Stratosphere, Soulular, White Robot, In Bloom and Icaro! Each artist reworked tracks from my debut EP, ‘Attunement’. I couldn’t be happier with the result which flows together as a smooth audio excursion.”Wolf Tech is a multi instrumentalist hailing from Wales UK who incorporates a high level of complex musicality into his craft. His remix of ‘Tiger’s Eye’ is both powerful and meditative; a splendid hybrid of organic and synthetic sounds. By gracefully layering alluring violin and other instruments over tribal bass lines and a downtempo soundscape, Wolf Tech creates an enchanting blend of psy-dub and glitch hop.” –

Spacious atmospherics and percussive delights fill the mind with vibrant imagery while listening to the new Stratosphere remix. Prepare your consciousness for interdimensional travel.

Soulular’s remix of my track, ‘Celesjiggle’ takes us on a soulful trip through funky guitar riffs, dubbed out spacious atmospherics and loungey grooves.

White Robot picks things up a bit with his glitchy dubwise bass driven remix of ‘Spectral Emission’ which is track 4 of 6 on the RE:ATTUNED compilation album. This heavy hitting dancefloor banger is sure to get you moving!

Newcomer In Bloom aka Jay Hankins’ remix fuses world music elements with otherworldly psydub straight from the future. Prepare to be transported to new realities yet to be fully explored by human consciousness.

Icaro’s remix is the 6th and final track on the RE:ATTUNED compilation. This dynamic duo delivered a mind bending crunchy organic bass dub that will go down in history. A perfect piece to tie the whole album together. Their masterful remix of my track, ‘You Are the Reason’ defies all rhyme or reason, and will leave you awe inspired with a sense of completion.

Album Art by John Gay (Deep re:Dreamed by Antandra):

Mastered by AtYyA

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Wolf Tech • Stratosphere • Soulular
White Robot • In Bloom • Icaro

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