APC40 Python Scripts Review

APC40 Python ScriptsWhen I first got my APC40, I was amazed by the out of the box functionality.  I had done my research, and knew that it was what I wanted.  It offers a lot of flexibility in the studio and for live performance.  I still had this feeling like there must be more though.  I started experimenting with it, and noticed I couldn’t use a midi translator with it, and I was frustrated that when I assigned a knob or button to anything I would lose the dynamic functionality.  I quickly discovered a blog with some free python scripts to expand the out of the box functionality of the APC40 though.  My live performance wouldn’t be the same without these scripts.  They give me extra color coded scenes I can program to control dummy clips, trigger effects, or whatever I assign them to, and  I can also adjust the tempo by holding the shift button and turning the cue knob.  The new version even has a wicked cool step sequencer.  It’s also very easy to  switch back to the native mode and get the standard APC40 behavior.

If you’re interested in making your APC40 even more powerful than it already is, then go check out the APC40 Remote Scripts (Latest version has compatibility fix for Live 9). 

Update: As of November 2015, these scripts are no longer being updated, so use at your own risk. I will use them as long as I can until I have to learn to code python or use something else. Hoping someone else takes over the updates for these open source scripts as I love using them in my Live performances.

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