Creating Music using GarageBand

In the every growing world of music, artists are striving to make a lifestyle for themselves. A large portion of the music industry is focused solely around recording and recording techniques. One valuable recording technique that is important for every rising musician to know is the ability to use dj samples and midi loop files within music. This can save on time in the recording process while also creating an interesting effect within the piece written.

Luckily, technology is helping musicians more and more to get this desired effect. Computer programs such as GarageBand are easy to use and can create a great sound that is very professional. GarageBand, which can be used on either Mac or PC, is a simple recording application that allows users to input instruments into the computer provided they have the right equipment to do so. This same program is also very useful for the fact that it provides users with free midi loop files that anyone can use in their music. These loops and dj samples usually run anywhere from 1-8 measures long, and can easily be moved throughout the music on the recording screen. With literally hundreds of midi loops to choose from in all different styles and genres of music, the possibilities are limitless in how you put together a piece of music. Along with this feature GarageBand also allows provides you with over one hundred inputted instruments that you can record into your music using either the musical typing or musical keyboard feature within the application. Many of these pre-recorded instruments are specifically for the genre of techno/dance music, making the process of creating dj samples very easy.

GarageBand comes free with any new Mac computer, but not the PC. Mixcraft 5 is the download needed for those who have a windows supporting computer, and is made by GarageBand as an equivalent of GarageBand for the PC. In conclusion, GarageBand is a great program that provides both midi loop files and quality digital music samples. This is essential for any aspiring recording musician to own for its practicality and usability.

Mark is a avid DJ who loves to mix and produce tracks with various Techno MIDI Files and dj samples. Mark works for DMS in the UK who sell various Acapella MIDI Files and audio samples. Click for more information and Cubase templates on the DMS site.


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