Interview with Shoshana on Planet Waves

Shoshana: I wanted to ask you a little bit about all the music we’ve heard so far bringing us up to the top of the hour.

DJ Story: Sure.

Shoshana: You have other voices and musicians on there obviously but you’re doing most of the instruments yourself?

DJ Story: yeah I just love to play with the synthesizers and the microphones. putting them in different configurations, and I play other instruments too like the marimba and some mbira (African thumb piano) and I like to sing, and I really love to bring other artists in and get them involved with stuff like didgeridoos and flutes and other voices or whatever they have to contribute guitar, saxophone whatever you know.

Shoshana: And your father plays with you too sometimes? What does he play again?

DJ Story: Yeah, he plays the tenor sax and the alto and soprano flute and his main instrument is his voice.

Shoshana: You’re sort of a local here. I mean you’ve been living in Paradise with your family, but also you grew up in or spent a lot of time in New Mexico in the southwest right? And you spend a lot of time on Kauai.

DJ Story: Yeah I was born in Jamaica.

Shoshana: Alright wow that’s cool. So you’re kind of multicultural here, and when you go to Kauai a lot in the winter time like that last voice we heard on transforming with Sasha Butterfly, a lot of the California artists go over there and hang out for the winter right? So you get to record with them?

DJ Story: Yeah a lot of people from all over the world come to Kauai, so it’s a really great hub for music and art and again music is like another form of photography except for it’s with sound. Like with photography every picture has its own story that it tells, and it’s the same with sound. It’s like there’s a story behind the creation of every song or melodic composition.

Shoshana: You’re a young man here barely what you’re 21 or 20?

DJ Story: I’m 20 right now yeah.

Shoshana: I’m amazed that you uh I mean you have a lot of talent, and I mean just a natural feel for mixing the music, and getting the moods going.

DJ Story: Thank you

Shoshana: How long have you been doing all this?

DJ Story: I’ve been playing music my whole life, although recording, I started out DJing. I was scratching and stuff doing hip hop stuff at first, and then I started learning how to mix electronic music and then I really started getting into the studio work, cause I wanted to do something a little more original and start incorporating that into my sets, so I still like to DJ live for people, and I’ve been recording in the studio for about the last 8 years.

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