History of House Music By Mike Koenig

House Music in it’s first form was Disco. So for the true History of House Music we need to start back in 1977 when Saturday Night Fever came out. Yes that cheesy movie with John Travolta is one of the main reasons that you and I can enjoy house music today, and should be written in the History Books as so.. It’s strange how things work out sometimes.

Saturday Night Fever was an instant hit and because of it people started hitting the disco clubs. Disco at this time as a blend of 70’s Funk, Soul Music, and Rock. Most of the Disco scene was in New York, and the venues where making a killing. A little later around 1979 or 80 it spread to the underground warehouses of the chicago and detroit.

Chicago & Detroit Created House Music

There was immense innovation and competition between the current DJ’s. As you know “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and the DJs in attempt to get the listeners hooked introduced new techniques to the way the music was being presented. This combined with its separation from New York disco helped it evolve into its own genre. House music was more raw, edgier, and incorporated more diverse sounds. Electric keyboards, Beat Boxers, as well as Beat Machines like the TR-808, TR-909, TB-303 helped refine it into what it is today.

This is why if you travel out to the Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa there is such a huge House Scene to this day. That was the birthplace and they still 20+ years later love that House Music Vibe.

Sub Genres of House Music

* Acid House Music

* Latin House Music

* Disco House Music

* Hard House Music

* Progressive House Music

* Deep House Music

* Hard House Music

* Funky House Music

* Chicago House Music

* NRG House Music

* Tech House Music

* Electro House Music

* New York House Music

I’m sure I’ve missed a few items on the list but that is most of the sub genres.

I hope this article has informed and possibly motivated some of you House heads out there.

Mike Koenig

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