Hot Tip for Making Progressive/Electro House

One of the secrets of progressive house is to use a sidechain compressor. What you do is put it on a dirty bass track or whatever else you want to create a ducking effect whenever the kick drum hits. Basically, the way this is done is to put a copy of your kick drum on a separate track, and then you run that as the signal into the sidechain compressor. Whatever track the sidechain compression is on will start pumping with the beat. You hear this kind of sound a lot in progressive house tracks. I personally love the effect, and use it a lot. The reason I like it so much is because of the fact that if you put it on a phat bassline, it will duck whenever the kick drum hits, which let’s more low end bass from the kick come through.

Here is a video tutorial I made showing exactly how to use a sidechain compressor to create progressive/electro house in Ableton Live:

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