Music Licensing for Film : A Doorway to Earning Money and Fame

Music licensing has now become one of the various means to earn a handsome amount. This option comes not only with money but also fame. Therefore it satisfies two main desires of man, that of money and fame, within the never ending list of desires that exists eternally. One of the ways is music licensing for film. Music libraries are nothing but an organized collection of music for both the members of the library as well as non-members. The accessibility varies though, depending on the membership status and of course the availability of the music in concern.

Music licensing refers to the composer of the song or the owner of it’s rights, in case the rights have been sold, licensing the copyrighted music for use to other third parties. An amount is earned in lieu of the music. Music licensing for film refer to the process where the composer licenses his or her music to the film producer or the party concerned for use in their movie. Music is primarily licensed for the television shows , live performances and radio broadcasting. Music licensing for film is yet another option. The scope for exposure is vast as far as music is concerned. There are commercials and television shows galore, oodles of corporate video production, millions of electronic games and not to forget the innumerable movies that are released over the years.

Sometimes even the music libraries aid in music licensing for film. As in sometimes the current films use popular music of the evergreen old hits. The revenue earned in this case is shared between the music library and the original composer of the song. This process of music licensing mainly came into being in order to safeguard the interests of the music composer. The undue exploitation is more rampant in cases of amateur composers who are new to the industry. This process enables them to cut out a profitable and just deal from the music supervisors. They get the amount, fame and exposure that is due to them. The music can be licensed only when the movie maker has got the green signal from both the composer as well as the owner of it’s rights. In case the composer himself or herself is the owner of the rights, then only the composer’s sanctioning will be enough.

The process of music licensing for film is so popular that there is often a queue waiting for this means of exposure. This mutually benefits both the composer and the film in concern. As the composer gets both money and exposure and the film gets a readymade song, which would have otherwise taken up a lot of time and resource. The deal that is struck between the composer and the film maker undergoes a lot of negotiations before it reaches a decision. The deal depends on a number of factors. The time slot alloted and the medium of exposure are few among the long list of requirements.

Hence the Music libraries are just a part of the huge industry. Music licensing for film is one of the various types that partake in the process of licensing. The thing that a film maker must keep in mind is to verify whether the person or organization licensing the music rightfully owns it or not. The warning that composers must take into account is that they should avoid deals that ask for complete ownership of the song. Keeping this in mind and being smart enough to choose the right persons and alternatives is enough to sail through smoothly.

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