Ableton Talk with DJ Story

brendanp: what are you working with these days?
mostly abelton?
or reason?

me: she got inspired to write the lyrics and then I put the music to it
2:14 PM actually it’s a new form of technology I got from the ETs

brendanp: oh! right, of course!
2:15 PM called Abelton Live

me: lol, yea

brendanp: those aliens make the best software

me: it’s fun

brendanp: i haven’t played with it actually
2:16 PM me: it’s amazing once you get the hang of it

brendanp: what i’ve heard is that it’s like part sampler, part synth, part loop station

me: yes, and much more
2:17 PM brendanp: and geared to performance as much as production, right?

me: I don’t even have the latest version, but I really want it
2:18 PM it’s got a kick butt looping device that senses the tempo of your loop as you record it, and then sets the song tempo to match you vs. trying to match a metronome
2:19 PM

brendanp: oh that’s sweet

me: live also supports vst and au plugins, so you can load up all kinds of crazy synths and effects
2:20 PM setting up midi couldn’t be easier
2:21 PM the automation rocks, and you can use your computers type pad as a keyboard

brendanp: oh woah
that’s sweet dude

me: I’ve been doing some crazy stuff using my ipod touch as a wireless midi controller too
2:22 PM

brendanp: oh crazy, you can do that?
just special apps?
2:23 PM

me: I can turn effects off and on and change sliders and x_ y_ controls just by tilting my ipod.
I found a really good free one
midi music machine
I’ve been wanting to blog about it

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