Sat in with Nataraj Last Night

NatarajNataraj is the name of a live local world music band.  Last week, one of the members contacted me through this website.  He asked if I would be interested in adding an live electronic music element to their band.  Nataraj is an offshoot of another local band called Arundas who I had seen and loved, so of course I am interested in meeting up with the band to see what we can work out.  Alex invited me to come out to one of their gigs at a place in downtown Asheville called Bobo’s Gallery and play didgeridoo with them.  I went to sit in with them last night, and I had a fantastic time!  They are a band of 4 who play African drums, electric sitar, hammer dulcimer, keyboards etc.  It was very fun to improvise with them in front of the crowd.  I am going to meet with the band to see about further collaboration including my skills with Ableton live and DJing.

Something really synchronistic just happened as I was writing this entry.  About 45 minutes ago, I put on a mantra cd by Arjun & Guardians.  It’s my girlfriend’s CD that I just found laying around.  Anyway, I had no idea what was on it, and guess what mantra came on while I was writing this…  That’s right!  Nataraj.  So, I looked up what Nataraj means, and it turns out that it’s basically the image of Shiva dancing.  The God of dance.  I just thought it was pretty interesting that I was writing about Nataraj, and then I was like, wow, are they chanting Nataraj in the music?  Must be a good sign.   😉

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