Serum Tutorial: Bell Sound Design (Future Bass/Chill Trap)

Today, I will show you how to make a bell sound commonly heard in chill trap, future bass, R&B etc. The beat came from the Loopmasters Chill Trap and Future RnB sample pack preview that came with my Scarlett 2i4 audio interface. My method for creating this type of bell sound is all about using additive synthesis to create overtones you might hear in nature from a bell being struck. I also use the envelopes to shape the sound, some added noise to add subtle texture and some reverb to make the sound more 3D. The filter cutoff also helps to shape the sound using subtractive synthesis while adding a slight amount of drive to enhance the harmonics.

I have posted the two Serum bell presets heard in the video as a free download:

Download Antandra’s Future Bells!


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