What it Means to Seek Perfection

Beautiful Nature PhotoA couple days ago at work, the head of the company gave a talk about perfection.  He was basically saying that we can’t be perfect, although we can seek perfection.  By striving for perfection we accomplish more than we would if we just settled for mediocrity.  The next day they sent out an email to everyone in the company asking “What does it mean to be perfect?”  It got me thinking, and this is the response I wrote:

I believe that everything is perfect as it is, and though we may not always see it at the time, there is an inherent perfection that governs the flow of the universe.  (The way plants grow, the shape of our eye, the way rivers flow etc.) Therefore, to seek perfection, is to seek to realize that perfection is already the case.  For example, if you miss your flight you may not see the perfection at the time, but what if that plane crashed?  We don’t always know why things happen the way they do, but why would we doubt the infinite wisdom that created everything?

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